“Maintaining your synthetic sports field improves it consistency of playing quality, and ensures increased life.” Alan Berry OAM - Founder

ABS Sport Surfaces provides ongoing maintenance, care, and advice to sporting clubs around Australia on there Synthetic Sports Surfaces.

Synthetic Sports Surfaces are like anything else in life, they need care and attention to keep them in a prime fit condition, and to extend and maintain the shelf life of the surface.

Many organisations build and forget, believing their new synthetic surface will look after itself. This is a fallacy. All Synthetic Surface need to be cared for.

We have a team of trained specialist who are on the road maintaining synthetic sports surfaces all year round.

ABS Sport Surfaces offers a variety of maintenance regimes to suit each type of synthetic surface. Whether it be regular management, or partial management, or one-off maintenance visits, or a major repair.

ABS Maintenance is available to undertake work on all types of Synthetic Sports Surfaces, whether the surface was installed by ABS or not.

Does your Synthetic Surface require any repairs or upgrades?

ABS Sport Surfaces undertakes upgrades and repairs to all types of surfaces.

Bowling greens needing synthetic grass to the banks and ditches. ABS can supply and install synthetic grass to enhance your bowling green. Or ABS can simply supply, and the club install to save revenue.

Whether your synthetic surface is old or new; in need of a special repair, or a maintenance visit, ABS is available to assist.

ABS Sport Surfaces are available to inspect and make recommendations for maintenance or repairs of your Synthetic Sports Surface.

ABS Sports Surfaces

We have a surface solution to fit any need

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