Needle Punch


Produced by Dales Sports Surfaces in England, exclusively for ABS Sport Surfaces. A very high quality Needle Punched bowls carpet, designed and produced to the highest possible UV standards in the world, specifically to withstand Australia’s hash weather conditions and extreme UV exposure.

Providing the best “under foot” experience, and the lowest maintenance bowls carpet in the market today.

On top of the ABS designed rapid draining porous aggregate base, we install an 8mm selected under pad, before laying our 8mm thick premium needle punch bowls carpet, giving bowlers 16mm of padding under foot.

Huge benefits over other Synthetic Bowls Surfaces:

  • No need for mowing, or professional preparation for bowling.
  • Comfortable under foot. 16mm of comfort.
  • Vacuum the needle punch surface and bowl.
  • Bowlable 365 days of the year
  • Bowlable 7 days a week
  • Bowlable 24 hours a day, subject to lighting.
  • An under defined long life span – yet to replaced due usage.
  • Not under pressure – not stretched.
  • Easily repairable
  • No water required for maintenance

Installed with 34mm Landscape grass in ditches (no sand), compliant with RVBA holding surface regulations.

World Bowls Approved surface and system.

The ABS Needle Punched Bowls system provides amazing longevity. In Europe, the original specification Dales Needle Punched bowls carpet has been down in the Mediterranean since 1996, and is still performing like new.

ABS Sport Surfaces laid the first needle punch in Australia Hastings Bowling Club in 2004.

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