Sand Filled Grass System

ABS Sport Surfaces offer TWO options on its specially designed and installed aggregate base system:

Our most traditional Synthetic Bowls Surface

This is our high quality, traditional, UV stable sand Filled synthetic bowls surface.

Often referred to as the First generation in synthetic surfaces for bowling greens. This traditional Sand Filled Synthetic Bowling Surface is still a major part of the installations at ABS Sport Surfaces.

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Our innovation in comfort.

This is an identical product to the Pro-Master Super, with the added convenience of our specially designed and manufactured Cushioning layer.

ABS Sport Surfaces has always been an innovator, and the addition of our specially designed and manufactured CUSHION back is no exception to the rule.

Player comfort is a high priority, and for those who prefer sand filled systems, its hard to go past the upgrade to the Pro-Master Super Cushion.

It only takes a few minutes walking on this innovative product to notice the difference. If your budget can afford the upgrade, then Pro-Master Super Cushion is where your budget can best be utilised..

Lists of clubs with ABS Sand Filled bowls systems and photographs are available on our “Search Projects” and “Gallery” sections of this website.

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