Field game sports such as hockey require an energy absorption under-lay (shock pad). Pads can vary in type and in thickness from 10-20mm. Pad/Synthetic surface systems good for field sports may not be ideal for sports such as tennis or basketball, where the shock pad can moderate ball bounce.

Tennis is frequently played on hard surfaces. On a softer multi-sport facility the bounce and speed characteristics will be lower and slower. The magnitude of the difference will depend upon the pad surface combination. There are a number of such hockey/tennis facilities and they offer a compromise in construction in an attempt to satisfy both tennis and field game requirements. Thus, a typical hockey only facility will have a synthetic grass pile height of 25?34mm over a 15mm thick shock absorbing pad.

Although this system is used for tennis and other sports e.g. Penleigh ? Essendon Grammar School, Trinity College and Berwick Secondary College, a system kinder to tennis can comprise a 19-25mm pile grass over a 7mm prefabricated shock pad, e.g. St Bernard?s College, St Monica?s College, Caulfield Grammar School and others.

This shorter pile, thinner pad system is less favourable to field sports requiring maximum shock absorption but extensively used for a wide variety of activities at the types of institutions mentioned above. Obviously the shorter pile systems are more economical but would not have the life potential compared to the longer pile systems.

The time and effort expended by the ABS Sport Surfaces team to come up with the best quality construction base and surface finish is the key to the long term success of our projects.

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